Sunday, December 20, 2009


Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera semua..

untuk dijual ROYAL DULTON WINDERMERE (datuk kepada royal albert) tea service.

Original dari england, discontinued item, susah nak dapat lagi.. very2 collectable items....
1 teapot,
6 cups n saucers,
1 milk jug
1 sugar bowl

silalah hubungi saya ditalian 019-6222260..memang cantik.. dan susah nak cari untuk set yang complete...


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Shida, yours is the first Blog I've seen or learn of the appreciation for these beautiful English China, 'Royal Doultan, Windermere'.
Seeing these here tells me you a lady with class and elegance.

Putting a Noritake or whatever next to a Royal Doultan is like putting a Toyota next to a Rolls Royce, ha ha.
Here's wishing you the best of Seasons greetings, happy holidays and keep a song in your heart, Lee.
ps, nothing like having Earl Grey or English breakfast tea in these classy set.
Can I come for tea? Ha ha.

lili said...

Hi Uncle Lee, I see you found your way into my cousin's beautiful blog!
I've been negotiating for a bargain at her handsome china, you know. So far I managed to get hold of one Royal Grafton tea-set. Hehe...I'm eyeing for a Portmerion dinner-set but the price 'set me back' instead!

Shida Rahman said...

Hi uncle lee...

first of all...i'm so glad my blog has been noticeable by you. Thanks for dropping by at my dear cyber cottage.
For ur info, I am a simple lady but I am very passionate with english collectible items and it has been an interest by everybody nowadays.
Its mainly based on my experience when I was in the UK, so I learnt a lot things there.

Thanks for the warm wish, and you come for tea anytime you want if there some Earl Grey's left.

Kak Lili : Ur Portmerion is the way ha ha ha